Another international honor! Dongsheng named "2024 Global Technology Pioneer" by the World Economic Forum

     On June 6, Geneva time, the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum), also known as the "Davos Forum", officially announced the 2024 "global Technology Pioneers" (Technology Pioneers) top 100 list, with the leading position in the field of industrial AI vision and continuous innovation ability, The success of Dongsheng Intelligence on the list reflects the authoritative recognition of its industry leaders by the World Economic Forum.

   The Global Technology Pioneer Award is designed to reward innovative new technology companies with significant social impact in countries around the world. The selected companies have industry leadership potential and industry-leading core technologies, making important contributions to the development of their industries. This year's record number of applicants were selected from hundreds of nominees in 31 countries and regions across six continents, focusing on technology companies that have made major breakthroughs in recent years and are currently experiencing rapid growth. Over the past two decades, companies such as Google, Twitter, and Airbnb that were once selected as "technology pioneers" have grown into innovative giants with global reputations.

    At the same time, as a representative of the selected enterprises, Mr. Han Xu, founder &CEO of Dongsheng Intelligence, will be invited to attend the 15th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (Summer Davos Forum) of the World Economic Forum held in Dalian from June 25 to 27, together with more than 1,500 senior leaders from the global political, business, social and international organizations. Together with outstanding entrepreneurs, innovators and experts, we will discuss sustainable development and unlock the frontiers of future growth.


    # Industry leader, enabling new industrialization #

    As a rapidly growing technology enterprise in the field of industrial AI vision, Dongsheng Intelligent dares to challenge and change, deeply digs the industry pain points, and provides a series of HanddleAI hardware and software platform products with deep learning as the core for the entire industrial scene, including AI algorithm platform, software, 2D/2.5D/3D imaging system and industry solutions. It has also developed an industry large model for the industrial field, and provided an integrated intelligent data analysis system that integrates end, edge and cloud, providing a series of cutting-edge AI solutions for the intelligent manufacturing market.

    In the pursuit of "AI+ industrial quality inspection" innovation, East Sound intelligence consolidates the foundation of "technical products" internally and deepens the application of "industrial scenarios" externally. In the global scale, the delivery of the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico and other global factories, successfully delivered to the world's largest American electric vehicle enterprises, the world's largest market share of the smartphone industry chain, the global lithium battery head enterprises, etc. Serving the Apple industry chain, photovoltaic, lithium, Tesla industry chain, auto parts, semiconductors and other industries of the head of the enterprise, has landed more than 10,000 production lines.

    In the future, we will work with technology pioneers from all walks of life around the world to lead disruptive innovation, pass the torch to the industry, expand the boundaries of technology, and work together to solve some global problems.

   About the World Economic Forum and Technology Pioneers

    The World Economic Forum, also known as the "Davos Forum" (English: World Economic Forum, abbreviation: WEF), was founded in 1971, is an unofficial international organization established in the form of a foundation, through the study and discussion of the problems in the field of world economy, to promote international economic cooperation and exchange for the purpose. Its influence lies in the strength of its member groups, the members of the World Economic Forum Foundation are generally recognized as the world's leading multinational companies, leading the trend of the world economy, and the people in each member group represent powerful decision-makers and trend leaders in their respective fields.

    The forum brings together global leaders in business, politics, academia and the media to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world. It is known as the "economic United Nations" and the "world economic vane".

        Launched in 2000, the Technology Pioneer Community is made up of early-stage companies from around the world who are engaged in the design, development and deployment of scientific and technological innovations that are expected to have a significant impact on business and society. The World Economic Forum provides a platform for the community to engage with public and private sector leaders to contribute new solutions to the current crisis and increase resilience in the future.

   The Technology Pioneer Community is a community of innovators under the Forum's Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Innovator Community brings together the world's leading startups at various stages of development, including early-stage technology pioneers, growth-stage global innovators and unicorns valued at $1 billion or more.