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Self-developed optical imaging system

2.5D area + line scan imaging technology
Through the optical design of customized 2.5D surface light and 2.5D line scan camera, combined with different Angle light sources and corresponding image algorithms, shape images, positive reflection, diffuse reflection, etc., can be generated, and depth and height information can be clearly reflected through gray level changes.
Customized  multi-combination multi-wave  2D light source solution 
Through the independent design of multi-zone, can independently control the Angle and brightness of the light source scheme, to ensure that the local reflective surface and directional defect features clear imaging, can solve such as foreign bodies in the film, directional scratches, large surface depression and other industry pain point imaging problems.
2D/2.5D/3D self-developed optical solution
2D time-sharing stroboscopic line scanning + 3D line laser
2D time-sharing stroboscopic, single imaging can generate multiple images under different light sources and angles, saving CT time, reducing station erection and saving space; 3D line laser, for depth or height information features, to achieve a variety of surface state stability detection.
Customized  light Source 2
Application scenario
①PCB substrate appearance inspection
②IC component appearance inspection
③Solder appearance inspection

Customized  light Source 1
Application scenario
①Highly reflective surface scratch detection
②Metal, glass object surface appearance inspection
③Concave and convex, curved surface appearance inspection
④Character detection
Partial optical solution
Customized  light Source 3
Application scenario
①Plastic bottle cap character detection
②Food industry appearance inspection
③Consumer electronics appearance inspection
Customized  light Source 4
Application scenario
①Auto parts appearance inspection
Hardware product appearance inspection

Customized  light Source 7
Customized  light Source 5
Application scenario
Hardware product appearance inspection
Food industry appearance inspection
Pharmaceutical appearance inspection
Customized  light Source 6
Application scenario
Auto parts appearance inspection
Hardware product appearance inspection
Cylinder side detection
Application scenario
①Pharmaceutical industry appearance inspection
②Appearance inspection of electronic components
Metal device appearance inspection

Customized  light Source 8
Application scenario
Multi-series electronic components appearance inspection
Color bottle cap appearance inspection
Customized  light Source 10
Customized  light Source 9
Application scenario
Auto parts appearance inspection
Appearance inspection of electronic components

Application scenario

①Part size measurement

②Transparent object edge extraction
③Transparent sheet defect detection

Time-sharing stroboscopic 1
Application scenario: Suitable for high-speed, large-area, high-precision fabric/coil/film defect detection and dimensional measurement scenarios.
Food label characters and scratch detection;
electrode inspection, white glass surface defects, cylindrical battery and soft pack battery surface appearance inspection;
Time-sharing stroboscopic 2
Application scenario
New energy, automobile appearance inspection
Transparent sheet, glass and other appearance inspection

  • Precision sheet metal appearance detection

  • Blue film prismatic cell inspection

  • Blue film prismatic cell inspection 

  • BG cosmetic inspection 
Application scenario

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