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Industrial AI Visual Detection Expert

DSTEK has a comprehensive layout in both domestic and international markets, with the goal of providing standardized industrial AI visual algorithm platforms and overall solutions for the fields and industries of pan-3C products, pan-semiconductors, PV, automobiles and parts, improving the product quality management level, enhancing the production efficiency, strongly boosting the improvement of product yield and productivity of the factories and deeply empowering the upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing industry.
DSTEK INC. takes industrial vision and artificial intelligence algorithm as the core and focuses on the research and development of standardized AI visual detection software platforms, Al intelligent cameras and intelligent hardware, Al intelligent data analysis systems and overall solutions in the industrial field. The DSTEK R&D team is led by doctors and masters who are senior engineers from the fields of AI, machine vision, data mining and other fields. They previously worked for Apple, Huawei, Foxconn, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Bosch and others. Furthermore, the company employs more than 70% of the team members as researchers and developers.


Introduction to the Company Founder

The R&D team is mainly composed of doctors and masters

▶ He graduated from Computer Science Major of Seoul National University, South Korea

▶ He has years of R&D accumulation & successful entrepreneurial experience at home and abroad

▶ He once served as a lab researcher of Samsung & Seoul University Joint Database in South Korea

▶ He once served as a senior R&D engineer in the R&D Center of Hyundai Heavy Industries for many years

▶ He once served as the General Manager and Joint Entrepreneur of the South Korean SUALAB in China

▶ In September 2019, South Korean SUALAB was wholly acquired by the American Cognex with a price of 195 million dollars (1.3 billion yuan)

▶ He completed the actual implementation of the first batch of AI solutions in the field of industrial detection

▶ Suzhou Leading Talent & Park Leading Talent

▶ Member of the Special Committee of China Society of Image and Graphics

▶ Expert consultant of AI Industry Association of Suzhou Industrial Park

▶ Won the title of "Innovative Person of the Year to Win the Future" in 2020

▶ Won the First Prize of "China Edge Computing Developer Competition" in 2021

▶ Won the first place in the "Innovator and Entrepreneur Paradise" Competition in 2022

▶ Won the Special Prize of the "6th Global Contest of Innovation in Smart Manufacturing" in 2022

Han Xu

Founder & CEO

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