Dongsheng made a major debut at the Nagoya Industrial Exhibition in Japan and continued to develop overseas markets

From April 10th to 12th, the highly anticipated Manufacturing World 2024 Japan Industrial Exhibition came to a successful close in Nagoya. Nagoya is home to the largest number of factories in Japan and is one of the world’s major industrial clusters for cutting-edge industries such as automobiles, aerospace, and machine tools. At this grand international exhibition,Dongsheng Intelligent, as a leading enterprise in the field of industrial AI vision detection, showcased its strong hardware technology strength to overseas clients with standardized AI software/hardware products, 2D/2.5D/3D optical imaging systems, and AI vision industry solutions.

This year at the Manufacturing World 2024, we received twofold joy: the urgent demand for AI vision detection from the Japanese local industry and the opportunity for business; and the establishment of cooperation with partners deeply rooted in Japan, achieving a strong alliance. Dongsheng Intelligent’s philosophy is to sell standardized software and hardware products through a global ecological partner network. In Japan, we have landed services for globally renowned 3C consumer electronics companies, and our AI vision detection products have been delivered to multiple clients’ factories in Thailand, Malaysia, and other global factories. The detection accuracy, precision, and speed of our products reach industry-leading levels, and their safety, quality, and performance have gained recognition from international leading enterprises.

Globally, we have successfully implemented deliveries to factories in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, and other countries, successfully delivering to the world’s largest electric vehicle company, the market share leader in smartphones, and the world’s leading battery manufacturer, serving the top companies in various industries such as Apple’s supply chain, photovoltaic, lithium battery, Tesla supply chain, automotive parts, and semiconductors. We have already landed services for over 10,000 production lines. 

    Standardized software/hardware, service all industrial fields

    Dongsheng Intelligent has independently developed the Handdle AI intelligent algorithm platform and launched AI intelligent cameras, 2D/2.5D/3D imaging systems, and other AI hardware and software products. We have also developed a general-purpose large model for the industrial field and provided an integrated intelligent data analysis system that integrates terminal, edge, and cloud, offering a series of cutting-edge AI solutions for the intelligent manufacturing market.

    AI goes to sea and lands on a scale in the whole field

  01. AI defect detection in automotive field

  This exhibition showcased AI vision detection solutions for automotive paint adhesive defects. This solution can comprehensively detect the width, height, and boundary distance of the adhesive bead in straight lines and corners, and can detect various defects such as length, breakage, width, adhesive strips, broken adhesive, overflow adhesive, missing adhesive, appearance shape, width, height, cross-sectional area, broken adhesive, hard adhesive, bubbles, etc. Additionally, an AI vision detection solution for car door paint surface was displayed, which utilizes paint surface, high-gloss, and high-reflective optical imaging design technology to successfully solve imaging challenges in appearance inspection, accurately detecting dirt spots, gray particles, fibers, hair-like impurities, shrinkage holes, pinholes, pits, blisters, paint chips, air bubbles, scratches, and exposed substrates, among others.

  Our detection scenarios in the automotive field also cover AI defect detection in automotive welding, online detection of car battery shell, automatic assembly of door gaskets, online measurement of gap and surface difference, OCR recognition, and appearance inspection of automotive stamping parts, providing intelligent solutions for the automotive industry. 

  02、AI defect detection in the 3C field 

  The detection scenarios in the broad 3C field include appearance full inspection and component inspection of consumer electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and watches. This exhibition showcased an AI vision detection solution for the back camera of a mobile phone, which can detect various defects such as roughness, eccentricity, dirt, white spots, flash black spots, lens misplacement, flash foreign matter, thread incomplete, flash color difference, dirt, and more.

   03、AI defect detection in new energy lithium batteries:

  The testing scenario in the field of new energy lithium battery covers the whole process inspection & appearance final inspection of lithium battery, including the whole process inspection and appearance final inspection of square battery, cylindrical battery and soft pack battery. This exhibition showcases the 2D/3DAI visual inspection solution for lithium battery seal nail welding, which can detect defects such as leakage, cracks, leaky covers, virtual welding, burst points, welding pits, holes, broken welding.


   04. AI defect detection in the semiconductor field 

 The detection scenarios in the field of universal semiconductors cover the detection of chips, leds, capacitors and inductors. This exhibition shows the AI visual inspection scheme of PCB board, which can detect burrs, gaps, scratches, grooves, solder paste residue, dirt, copper leakage, polarity Angle residue, laser splice and other defects.

  Japan, as a leader in the global manufacturing industry, has an increasingly urgent market for high-precision and efficient industrial vision AI inspection technology. With a forward-looking vision and firm determination, Dongsheng Intelligent regards the Japanese market as an important part of its strategic layout. In the future, Dongsheng Intelligent will continue to deepen the Japanese market, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with local enterprises, jointly explore more cooperation opportunities and development space, and will also focus on overseas markets and global factory projects.