Dongsheng x Shengteng AI: create a solution for LED defect detection industry in the semiconductor field

    According to relevant statistics, the output of LED lamp beads in China was about 391.821 billion in 2015, and increased to 746.427 billion by 2020. In 2022, the domestic LED lamp bead market scale will be about 29.353 billion yuan. With the rise of semiconductor manufacturing, the demand for detection equipment in the domestic semiconductor industry and the demand for quality inspection equipment of 3C manufacturing enterprises also reach 10 billion. However, AOI detection has many disadvantages such as limited application scenarios, low detection accuracy and poor universality.

So how to ensure that the quality of each LED lamp bead is up to standard and can work normally?


    There are four challenges in the appearance inspection of LED lamp beads:

    ● Small product size

    ● Many kinds of defects

    ● Fast production pace

    ● High detection accuracy

    Using manual sampling or traditional machine vision for defect detection can no longer meet the requirements of enterprises for detection efficiency and accuracy.

    Dongsheng Intelligent is based on the basic software and hardware platform of Shengteng AI and the intelligent algorithm platform of HanddleAI to build Dongsheng Intelligent LED appearance defect detection equipment for the manufacturing industry. The equipment can quickly complete algorithm model matching, data annotation, training and production line version update of defect types; Reclassify and test the standards of product defects; Real-time image processing is performed on the tested samples, and the defect detection accuracy reaches the pixel level. Final realization:

    ·The detection speed of a single device is 150000 pieces/hour, and the detection speed is increased by more than 500%;

    ·It can detect more than 15 types of defects, including excessive glue on the surface, insufficient glue, bubbles, scratches, pin glue, etc;

    ·The detection results are uploaded to the cloud in real time, and the problem source is traced through the intelligent analysis of the system, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency.

    ·This scheme is applicable to: LED-TOP series and SIDE series.


    An Asian SMD LED manufacturing enterprise with the top three production scales currently produces LED beads with a single equipment speed of 200000 to 300000 pieces/hour, and the core product size is between 1-3MM. Both manual visual inspection and traditional machine vision solutions cannot meet the product quality requirements. After the introduction of Dongsheng intelligent LED appearance defect detection equipment, the defect detection speed of the production line has been increased by more than 500%, saving 70% of the cost for customers, and helping customers of the enterprise to achieve quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase, from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".

    The cooperation between Dongsheng Intelligent and Huawei Shengteng has a long history;

    In July 2021, Dongsheng Intelligent Technology became a partner of Shengteng Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions; In April 2022, the compatibility test of Dongsheng Handle AI intelligent algorithm platform and Shengteng AI basic software and hardware platform was completed, and the "AI defect detection scheme for lithium battery field" was launched; In May 2022, we will jointly build "AI solution with extremely simple use in the whole industrial scene"; In June 2022, Dongsheng Intelligent was officially licensed as a partner of Sunrise Wanli IHV in Suzhou; In September 2022, Dongsheng Intelligent won Huawei's Ten Thousand Miles Forward Award, and worked with Huawei to build the AI industry ecosystem.

    In the future, Dongsheng Intelligent will work with Huawei Shengteng AI to create more industry benchmarking projects in the field, and accelerate the development of China's artificial intelligence industry into a new era of rapid development through sophisticated algorithms, high-performance hardware equipment and excellent industry solutions.