Dongsheng x Ascend AI Create AI Defect Detection Industry Solutions in Lithium Field

    In recent years, affected by the slowdown of global economic growth, the manufacturing industry is faced with the accelerated transformation from expanding the incremental market to upgrading the stock market, and the transformation using intelligent and digital technology is the current transformation direction of many enterprises. Quality inspection has always been an important link in the manufacturing and production process. A minor defect in the product may affect the overall production yield of the manufacturer. If it is accidentally introduced into the market, it may cause unimaginable safety risks.


  "Two Eight Rule", solving the most difficult problems

   At present, the existing industrial visual inspection technology can only solve 80% of the problems, and the remaining 20% of the problems need to be overcome. In order to meet the challenges, Dongsheng Intelligent, together with Shengteng AI, has created an AI industry solution for industrial defect detection in the lithium battery field in the "software+hardware" cooperation mode. Accelerated AI application innovation of intelligent manufacturing.

    Dongsheng Intelligent Technology has accumulated in the field of industrial visual inspection for many years. While gathering more than 1 billion picture data in the industry, it has formed a set of core technical barriers from underlying algorithms, functional modules to software platforms, big data analysis, etc. The algorithm provided by Dongsheng's HanddleAI software platform has the characteristics of high performance, high accuracy, high precision, high speed, high usability, high ease of use, and has reached the industry-leading level in small sample learning, migration learning, visual debugging, etc.


    "Software+hardware", AI enabled lithium battery defect detection

    At present, lithium battery includes hard case and soft package battery, and the hard case can be divided into cylindrical battery and square battery. Square battery has become a mainstream battery packaging application with its advantages in charge discharge ratio, cycle life, safety, etc. The square lithium battery process chain is divided into three sections: front, middle and back. Taking the square battery as an example, there are a lot of quality inspection requirements in the process chain. The traditional visual inspection can only meet the positioning and deviation correction applications of the process link. The deep learning algorithm is introduced into the processes that need to detect surface defects, such as the pole piece, welding seam, insulation diaphragm, and so on, to solve the current dilemma of lithium battery detection.

          Based on Dongsheng Handdle AI software algorithm platform and Shengteng AI basic software and hardware platform, this scheme can automatically, accurately and quickly detect the defect location and size, classify NG images, and automatically enter and store the defect classification and detection results in the system. At present, this scheme has been delivered. After being deployed to the square lithium battery production line, the workload of manual visual inspection has been reduced by 75%, the accuracy of quality inspection has been improved from 90% to 99.5%, and the detection efficiency has been increased by 35 times.


  Intelligent "smart" manufacturing, accelerating the new ecology of industrial visual AI

      This year, the global industrial chain and supply chain are faced with a variety of uncertainties, and it is extremely urgent to achieve AI self-reliance. This time, the industrial visual inspection industry solution jointly created by Dongsheng Intelligent x Shengteng AI has fully realized the autonomy of key technologies in core AI algorithms and AI hardware.

   As a member of Huawei's Shengteng Wanli Partnership Program, Dongsheng Intelligent will continue to work together to Shengteng AI, combining with Atlas's full range of products from training to reasoning, through "point, line The strategic layout of "face" provides enterprises with a service matrix of visual service, data service and intelligent service, realizes visualization of production process, intelligent decision-making traceability, and refined prediction management, and helps enterprises achieve transformation and upgrading from informatization to digital intelligence.


   In addition, the standardized products of Dongsheng Intelligent have been widely used in well-known leading enterprises in many industries, such as Pan Semiconductor, Pan 3C, lithium battery, automobile and parts, photovoltaic, and have become a star product in the field of AI industrial vision. At present, the cooperation between Dongsheng and Shengteng AI is gradually expanding to Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Qingdao and other cities to provide customers in different regions of the country with the most timely and professional industrial AI visual inspection technology services.

   At present, intelligent manufacturing has become the main direction of building China into a manufacturing power. Accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing solutions is the only way to promote the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing and form a new advantage in international competition. Dongsheng will continue to carry out strategic cooperation with more partners, improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise digital transformation, and jointly promote the development of China's artificial intelligence industry.