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To be Ear, Eye and Brain of your Factory

Dongsheng (Suzhou) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is mainly working on AI software & solution development and implementation within industry field, taking industrial vision and AI algorithm as the core, combined with Trinity information processing system in 2D &3D Image, Sound and Data.

We’re specializing in providing enterprises from various areas with diverse intelligent factory solutions, based on our extensive experience and continuous exploration of industrial practical demand, applying algorithms from machine learning, deep learning, deep forest etc., combined with data analysis, machine vision and distributed computing & storage so on as well. We’re aiming to realize the true intelligent factory with overall enterprise efficiency, capacity, processing techniques and quality control to be improved, and any potential labor elimination.

Overall speaking, we’re making AI solution to be rooted in factories, becoming your Ear, Eye and Brain.

Business Areas

To make AI become your Ear, Eye and Brain. Actively Contribute to Economy, Society and Human Development.

AI, more than your expectation

(Sound, Image and Digital signal, our Triple strength)

Clients’ Best Practice

AI Customized Industry Vision Solution


AI 质量可追溯系统


AI 智能相机



Clients’ Best Practice

Precise, Fast and Stable AI to help transform & optimize industry

  • PV
  • PCBA
  • Semiconductor
  • Display
  • Glass
  • 3C products
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Our Team

More than 70% of team is senior research engineer.

Advanced in vision and data mining, making up the 1st generation AI team in China from worldwide companies like Huawei, Foxconn, Hyundai and SUALAB.